Grades Fe 500, 500-D, 550, 550-D, CRS

UTKARSH TMT is the new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bars available in various Grades Fe 500, 500-D, 550, 550-D, CRS & even Fusion Coated Epoxy TMT Bars. The entire process is fully automated with least human interference to attain standards required for Best Quality as designated by BIS norms. Utkarsh 500D TMT Bars are manufactured using this unique iron & steel making and hot rolling, which makes them stronger, safer and more ductile than any other TMT bar in the market segment.

Our Process

That makes all the difference

At UTKARSH Bars Pvt Ltd, where we craft our TMT Bars with great care, passion and precision, is located at Bamanbore GIDC, District Surendranagar having manufacturing capacity for Ms Billets of 2,00,000 MT+ & TMT Bars of 1,44,000 MT+ per annum.


Raw Material Selection

An extensive Chemical Analysis of the raw material. Sponge Iron is done by first melting it in 5 KG furnaceand testing in spectrometer imported from Japan, to understand the chemical properties for creating the perfect chemical composition. composition during the process of melting.


Steel Melting

The Charge Mix is charged in furnace using feeders and melted under close observation of high-calibre metallurgists and engineers to form a homogenous melt with low levels of Phosphorus and Sulphur. Regular Samples are taken to assure the chemical


Ladle Treatment

Once the batch is ready, it is poured into the Ladle where it is purged using inert gases to oxide the unwanted elements.


Billet Casting

The molten metal is solidified into a 'semi-finished' billet using imported mould tubes with ultra-level precision of less than 0.01% variation in section sizes. Appropriate temperature is maintained during solidification using automatically controlled water valves. remains hot.


Utkarsh TMT Bars Fe 500 Fe 500d
Property Unit IS 1786 :2008 Utkarsh IS 1786:2008 Utkarsh
Yield Stress N/mm 2 (Min) 500 520 500 540
Tensile Strength N/mm 2 (Min) 545 580 565 600
Elongation %(Min) 12 16 16 18


Utkarsh TMT Bars Fe 500 Fe 500d
Property Unit IS 1786 :2008 Utkarsh IS 1786:2008 Utkarsh
Carbon %(Max) 0.300 0.250 0.250 0.230
Sulphur %(Max) 0.055 0.050 0.040 0.035
Phosphorus %(Max) 0.055 0.050 0.040 0.035
S&P %(Max) 0.105 0.100 0.075 0.070
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