Corporate Social Responsibility

Association with Arya Samaj

With a view of infusing social and moral values in the existing society, the group is actively associated with Arya Samaj activities.

Contribution in infrastructure development of Arya Samaj at Kolkatta, Bhilwara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Ajmer and Bhiwani.

Contribution and active participation in Netra Nidaan (Eye diagnosis and treatment) in Rajkot.

Association with Sargam Club

The group and Sargam Club (A social group in Rajkot) are in association since the beginning of the club. Social activites; be it education, medical, vocational training, cultural activites are being regularly carried out, which puts a smile on every one’s face giving a feel of satisfaction to us.

Contribution in distribution of water to the people in draught affected areas.

Major contribution in setting up of an Electric Crematory at Ramnathpara Samsthan Grah.

Personal Touch towards Native Place

A building was constructed for Multi Purpose (for conducting marriage ceremonies, use as a guest house) in Devrala Village, Haryana. The building was inaugurated by Shri Rambilas Sharma, Haryana BJP President in March, 2012.

A well and around 10000 feet of pipelines are contributed by Shri Jaydev Arya in his village in Haryana, it assured sufficient water supply to the villagers.

A Kanya Gurukul was started at Panchgama, Haryana in 1977.

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